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I have been a Realtor since 2019 and really enjoyed this career every step of the way. I’ve represented buyers, sellers, and builders with no two transactions being the same. I understand the importance of what makes a place “Home”. I love having the opportunity to help someone leave behind, start fresh, and create a new home for them and their family. Buying and selling a home is a daunting task to try to take on alone. As the saying goes “Teamwork makes the dream work.” At Woods Bros I have a big team that helps me provide you with all the tools necessary to make your home buying/selling process simple and satisfactory. An important role I play is being able to help you assess each situation and make the best decision moving forward. Having the answers to your questions, being a guide on your journey, and counseling you through the unexpected and potential stresses are just a few of the services I provide. Your satisfaction on closing day is of the utmost importance to me. I’m honored and excited to be by your side as we navigate this challenging and always changing market.


“Buzz Niederklein went out of his way to accommodate my wife and I with the way he handled questions, relationships, all of the digital documents, and all aspects of the sale. Buzz even found a home for the live fish we had living on our patio in a water feature that the new owners did not want. Again, Buzz was the best choice for us! Woods Brothers (as a company) is only as good as the agents that represent them. Though I can not speak about other agents, I can assure you that Buzz Niederklein is top notch as a professional and a person. If he is representative of your agents, you are in good hands.” - Lincoln, NE

“We are so thankful we chose Buzz to help us sell a home. Buzz was knowledgeable about the current selling market, presented us with strategies to ensure a quick sale and answered all of our questions throughout the entire selling process. We felt so comfortable with Buzz to trusted him to negotiate our contract all while we were four thousand miles away. We would recommend Buzz to anyone looking for a realtor who will be in their corner.” - Lincoln, NE